Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bibs, Bibs and More Bibs

Once I finished the original bib that I started way too long ago to admit to, I've been churnin em out like they're going out of style. Which they might, we all know how picky babies are these days...
This was a teaching tool for my bfs sister. She decided that she wants to knit (yay) and that I need to teach her (uh...ok). I figured this would make a good starter project, its got minimal shaping, but is interesting to do and is garter stitch. And she'd have a baby gift for someone out of it. She's decided that her bib is more of a washcloth, which is fine. After all it is a beginning project, it can be whatever she wants. But this was made for my good friend in nursing school who is expecting (the same one the blanket is for).

She will probably kill me for posting this if she ever finds out... But here's the "baby" modeling her new bib. I'm planning on knitting a pile of bibs for this baby. She will never want for clothes protectors.

This bib is for my other friend that just had a little girl in June. The uneven coloring of the red and blue make it look very country to me. Kind of like painted wood that has been distressed. Its right up her alley, and is just too dang cute for words, especially with the little star button.
These bibs have given me my very first experience sewing on buttons, and apparently I need practice. But they'll stay on and its a live and learn moment. I also didn't know that buttons could be so expensive! I'm a sock knitter mostly and it never occurred to me that buttons were so pricey. The star buttons were worth it, they're so cute. I also have little yellow flower buttons for some of the bibs with yellow in them. I'm excited, but I've also got to hurry. These presents have a due date of exactly one week from today. We'll see if I make it, it's gonna be a close one.


Jen in CT said...

Cute bibs! And how cool that you used the project as a learning project for a new knitter! I hope she is hooked right and good. :-)

ash310 said...

I think she might be. Though she did decide she wasn't real fond of the bib idea and decided to make a washcloth instead. Whatever works.

ash310 said...

Uhh, just realized that bib to washcloth statement was redundent as I had posted that already. Bad blogger, not reading own posts before writing comments... Last time I talked to her knitting didn't come up which makes me wonder how its going. Hopefully she doesn't get frustrated and give up