Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to Work

Or so I thought...sorry to interrupt the knit blog with a work issue, but it's so stupid that it bears repeating. I've been on orientation at a local hospital for quite some time now (first job as a nurse) and was unceremoniously kicked out of the loop last night. I get up to the floor, split the assignment with my preceptor so I have my own patients that she can check on if needed. Do my initial assessments and vital signs, come back to the desk only to find that the floor manager has called. Her brilliant command to the charge nurse? Send me home after an hour and a half! And she knew I was coming in earlier and never said a word! She let me drive to the hospital, establish a relationship with my patients and then sent me home.... Interesting approach, if my mother didn't work at this hospital too I'd probably have pitched a massive hissy fit on the phone with this woman, but she does and I got the job partially on her recommendation. I don't really mind the orientation bit, but I didn't sign up for any hours the next 2 weeks because I was planning on orienting still! Major problem, improvisation is needed now to figure out how to make this work. Almost feels like losing the job, even though I haven't. Maybe I'll get lucky and get called in for OT.
Anyway, rant over. On the knitting frontier I've gotten totally addicted to baby socks, they're so fast and so adorable! And so great for leftovers from adult pairs. There are only a few issues with this:
1) Not having babies, which means I either have to store all of these or give them to friends that do, which leads to;
2) Not enough people I know reproducing to merit this number of baby socks planned. The few I do know mostly live here in FL, not a whole lot of call for wool socks in 90 degree weather.
3) Which leaves charity, but these are bigger baby socks, probably around 6 mo, and I work with newborns (and the FL thing comes up again here).
So I guess I'll just send out as many as I can stand to and keep as many as I have room for. Gotta start making some boy socks though, so far they've all been girly. This makes it seem like I've made 20 pairs already, which isn't even close, but they're all planned. Shame I can't seem to finish any pairs for adults that would count for Summer of Socks. I am still at 0 for pairs completed! I do have 1.75 socks completed...but they're each singletons. Oh well, it's still been fun to participate in an online event. Must light fire under own behind to complete pairs.
Next post will have pictures I promise, I haven't taken any lately and my computer is not loving my memory card right now. So as soon as I get it figured out there will be photos.

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