Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Knitting

I finally finished the only true Christmas present that I'm knitting this year. I can't post pictures of it yet, because the intended recipient might happen to peek in on this blog. But I can post pictures of Sarah with her blankie, taken at my house last Wednesday while her mommy too HESI at school (we all kicked butt on that test btw). Here she is being so cute it practically makes your ovaries cramp. These were taken during the 5 minute period I was able to put her down without her waking up and screaming.
Kiddo was with me for almost 4 whole hours on Wednesday and did nothing but scream and cry unless I was holding her. The hazard of babysitting at my house, no swing, no bouncy seats, thank goodness for the rocking chair from bfs grandmas house. It was a real wake up call, really helped push the snooze button on my biological clock. But she's still sweet, and she's still always welcome at my place, along with her two older brothers.
Just ruined my first batch of cookies. I've been baking cookies for years and years and have never ever screwed them up this badly! They look like dark brown lace with a tan blob in the middle. Its gross, needless to say I'm a bit ticked off. Oh well, I'm done trying, I'll give them another shot tomorrow.