Thursday, September 25, 2008


Good thing I didn't order a new set of DPN's. As it turned out the missing one had only gotten sucked into the vortex that is my purse (bf calls it the black hole). It was wedged in the cash holding area of my wallet...found it today. I have started another pair of socks, blue and white ToFutsies yarn. They're turning out cute so far, I'm past the heel and moving faster than I usually do with DPN's. Very strange.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Missing In Action

I would like to report one of my knitpicks dpn's missing. I had it when I was doing the heel on my Aunties socks (pictures later, once bf fixes the memory card reader issue again), and the next time I picked up the socks to continue knitting on the heel it was gone. Vanished. I've literally turned my purse upside down looking for it to no avail. The couch cushions are totally coming off next, and I might even move the couch to make sure. I still have a workable set of 4, but I really dislike working with 4 dpns total. I tend to have sloppy areas in between needles as it is and with 4 instead of 5 it just gets worse. I am willing to put up a reward of home made brownies if anyone has seen it or has information as to where it might be. Ok, maybe thats too much. Guess I'll just have to order another set from the site and keep the 4 set as a backup.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My First Sweater

Ok, so it's not technically my first sweater ever. I've made one baby kimono sweater from Mason Dixon Knitting. But it is a first sweater of sorts... Its a doggy sweater. Knit for the dog of a good friend of mine.
Angel is a little bitty tea cup Yorkie. Which means she's really cute, but gets really cold really easily. And in Northern Michigan where snowdrifts are often well over her head....she needs sweaters to help keep warm. My grandmother first started knitting this pattern a few years ago. She experimented with the different sizes and the smallest one fit their first dog (unfortunatly this dog was killed by a neighboring dog) perfectly. I figured that Angel deserves her own sweater, so I tried the pattern out. I'm currently making another one with the prescribed cable down the back in a light pink and am setting a goal for myself to make as many as I can stand. They're great for using up single balls of yarn.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

For My Own Good

Maybe things that are lost should just stay that way sometimes. I am speaking of couse of my mystery shawl that I unearthed several days ago. I've been knitting merrily away on it, only to reach a point in the chart last night where I realized it wasn't going to add up. Somehow I am two stitches short on a portion of the chart that I am positive I am on. I did consider the possibility that perhaps I had jumped a row unintentionally, but unfortunatly I don't think it is so. And I went over and over the row in question before I tinked it back (which was about as fun as a root canal with no anesthesia due to tons of double decreases) and could not find a counting error on my part. So I followed the chart as it was written, either I can't count and read a chart at the same time, I am a row ahead of where I'm supposed to be, or there is an error and I didn't know about it. But nobody else seems to be having this issue so I'm thinking its just me.
So I'm punishing the lace with a crocheted baby blankie I started years and years ago. It is also pink (though more of a rose than a bright pink) and lacy. It would be more lacy but when I started it I had no concept of gauge and how important it is, and it was way too done before I finally saw the light. Not worth ripping it out just to get more drape, it'll be fine the way it is. And it only needs a border! Maybe my cousin will like it for her little girl. We'll see, either way it'll be cute and finished and maybe then the lace will behave.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


And Found. I had been working on a Mystery Shawl, and totally misplaced everything. The yarn, the pattern, the whole shebang. I was digging through my closet last night and saw a backpack I don't typically use. Curious I decided to see if anything was in it, and lo and behold! My missing Mystery Shawl.
Seen here in a scrunched and bunched state. Sorry, I'm using Boye Interchangables and they're not the most flexable of cables (and I chose a shortish one). It'll be gorgeous if I ever finish. I'm at the very beginning of clue 3 of 5. I remember now that I took it up to northern Fl when I went with bf. They go hunting up there every year and we were bringing their new camper up there to get it set for this season. And it's not real interesting for I brought lots of projects, including this one. Which I didn't work on because I forgot post its to mark my row and I get lost in charts without post its. Anyway, guess I forgot to unpack the whole backpack when we came home. Probably just got lost in the shuffle of moving bf into the apt, and then having to move me in a few weeks later... I'm thrilled I found it, since I just signed up for the newest one and still have the Anniversary Mystery Shawl to do too... It's gonna be lace central around here for a while.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Photo Finish

I finished the blanket with a mere 15 hours to spare, maybe not as dramatic as the Yarn Harlot who is capable of pulling these types of feats with mere moments to spare...she posses a magic that i know not. But either way, it is finished along with another bib and a pair of baby socks.

Proud mama to be seen here examining the right side of the blanket (which means I got a shot of the back. But I figure that people want to see how things are made up and finished and all that jazz so here ya go.
Here's the right side (notice that she's modeling the bib :-p) Cute eh? Pattern is Courthouse Steps from Mason Dixon Knitting. Kind of modified it to fit my own needs and voila! I thought she was going to have a coronary over the bib, then she found the socks and she was really excited, and then she got to the blanket and I was worried about her going into labor. But it's nice to have handknits appreciated. Wait until she finds out that I still fully intend to knit her a literal stack of bibs. Later on she can always use them for washcloths if she wanted to. I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures of the little socks, but they're adorable! If I have enough after making a grown up pair I will do another set.
Managed to convert another "muggle" to a knitter. One of the girls in my class has been watching me knit for 6 months and decided that she wanted to learn how also. I almost started pushing websites and books on her but figured that the best way to keep her interested was to back off and let her figure things out for herself. Thats my method with bf's sister too, leave her to her own devices and see what happens.