Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Photo Finish

I finished the blanket with a mere 15 hours to spare, maybe not as dramatic as the Yarn Harlot who is capable of pulling these types of feats with mere moments to spare...she posses a magic that i know not. But either way, it is finished along with another bib and a pair of baby socks.

Proud mama to be seen here examining the right side of the blanket (which means I got a shot of the back. But I figure that people want to see how things are made up and finished and all that jazz so here ya go.
Here's the right side (notice that she's modeling the bib :-p) Cute eh? Pattern is Courthouse Steps from Mason Dixon Knitting. Kind of modified it to fit my own needs and voila! I thought she was going to have a coronary over the bib, then she found the socks and she was really excited, and then she got to the blanket and I was worried about her going into labor. But it's nice to have handknits appreciated. Wait until she finds out that I still fully intend to knit her a literal stack of bibs. Later on she can always use them for washcloths if she wanted to. I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures of the little socks, but they're adorable! If I have enough after making a grown up pair I will do another set.
Managed to convert another "muggle" to a knitter. One of the girls in my class has been watching me knit for 6 months and decided that she wanted to learn how also. I almost started pushing websites and books on her but figured that the best way to keep her interested was to back off and let her figure things out for herself. Thats my method with bf's sister too, leave her to her own devices and see what happens.


Ria said...

That blanket is beautiful! isn't it great when someone really appreciates your work?

ria (tonyfan20 on ravelry)

ash310 said...

Thank you. It was such a relief she liked it that much. I may have cried if she didn't.