Tuesday, September 9, 2008


And Found. I had been working on a Mystery Shawl, and totally misplaced everything. The yarn, the pattern, the whole shebang. I was digging through my closet last night and saw a backpack I don't typically use. Curious I decided to see if anything was in it, and lo and behold! My missing Mystery Shawl.
Seen here in a scrunched and bunched state. Sorry, I'm using Boye Interchangables and they're not the most flexable of cables (and I chose a shortish one). It'll be gorgeous if I ever finish. I'm at the very beginning of clue 3 of 5. I remember now that I took it up to northern Fl when I went with bf. They go hunting up there every year and we were bringing their new camper up there to get it set for this season. And it's not real interesting for me...so I brought lots of projects, including this one. Which I didn't work on because I forgot post its to mark my row and I get lost in charts without post its. Anyway, guess I forgot to unpack the whole backpack when we came home. Probably just got lost in the shuffle of moving bf into the apt, and then having to move me in a few weeks later... I'm thrilled I found it, since I just signed up for the newest one and still have the Anniversary Mystery Shawl to do too... It's gonna be lace central around here for a while.

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