Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have coveted this sweater pattern since it was published in Knitty in the Fall of 2005. It's knit with a bulky yarn though and I'm kind of afraid of bulky yarn because I'm afraid of looking, well, bulky. I'm not exactly small and fear that a bulky cabled sweater might make me look like a marshmallow person. But with knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky being as inexpensive as it is I've decided that it's worth the risk. This is going to be an interesting ride...might want to stick around, it could get ugly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pics from the 4th

Here they are, the long awaited pictures from the 4th! Just kidding, but it is a good time to introduce 2 of the nephews (his not mine) that figure pretty largely into my life. We spend quite a bit of time with these little guys.

Curtis just about to burst with excitement and anticipation. He had been looking forward to sparklers all day.

Curtis getting his dearest wish, he finally got his sparkler lit. He was so excited he promptly dropped it in the bucket of water we had standing by.

My artsy shot of Caleb (Curtis' little brother) with his sparkler. I tried to get one that didn't include mommy's legs, but it blurred. Oh well, its still neat looking.

Here's Caleb in a shot where you can actually see his face. And what a cute little face it is.

We never did actually formally go to any firework shows, but while we were driving over the bridge to come home we saw two seperate shows, one on each side of the bridge. It was pretty neat, couldn't hear the booms though. Oh well, can't have it all.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer of Socks

I am a participant in Summer of Socks 2008, and am hopelessly behind. Most people have knit whole pairs of socks by now (its already 2 or 3 weeks in) and I'm still on first socks of both pairs! I blame work, school and knitting for the new baby thats due into bfs family in a few weeks. I'm trying to work through my shame at being behind this far, but its not going very well. I'm also trying to bribe myself into finishing the first socks of the pairs so I can start the second, so I can move on...but thats not working either. We won't mention how I'm choosing to bribe myself, it makes me seem insane... Anyway, time to have a hit parade of a few things i have actually made progress on in the last couple of weeks (since I have no sock progress to brag about)

These are the last pair of socks finished before summer of socks started. These go quite well with my pink scrub pants, and I can see the great sock thief (aka my mother) trying to steal these. I'm sure that topic will be elaborated on in later posts, for now lets just say that she ain't gettin em.

These are a pair of No Purl Monkeys, the picture is awful but its the best I can get for now. Maybe I can con bf into helping me get a better one. These are also for me (which seems selfish, but mummy dearest has her fair share of socks that were supposed to be for me) though I'm not very happy with how they've been washing and wearing. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill supersocke and it just seems floppy. The stitch definition is great though so it might be a decent trade off.
Pictures to come of nephews blankie, its grown substantially since the last picture i took.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Post

Ok, hopefully third try will be the charm. I was hoping to be a better blogger/historian with my second try, but since apparently either my username isn't in the system (when i try to sign in) or it is (when i try to sign back up). So I've gone thru the back door and created a whole new website...again. Anyway, it's getting harder and harder to name new blogs so if this one doesn't work it's all over for me.
I named this place what it is because I am a knitter, and I'm under 30 (which always seems to shock people). So I'll admit, not the most creative name ever, but see above paragraph about how hard its getting to name these things. I'm also an RN student and am currently working nights in a local hospital as an LPN, which means the stress level is about thru the roof over here. I have become famous in my classes for always having at least one sock in progress with me and I'm participating in Summer of Socks this year. Personally I see this as the perfect reason to buy loads of new sock yarn and needles, so I can use them up this summer. We won't discuss how counterproductive it is to try to use up yarn while buying more all the time, makes me feel bad.
Anyway, fingers crossed this blog makes it longer than the 2 posts i did on the second. Here's hoping...