Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Post

Ok, hopefully third try will be the charm. I was hoping to be a better blogger/historian with my second try, but since apparently either my username isn't in the system (when i try to sign in) or it is (when i try to sign back up). So I've gone thru the back door and created a whole new website...again. Anyway, it's getting harder and harder to name new blogs so if this one doesn't work it's all over for me.
I named this place what it is because I am a knitter, and I'm under 30 (which always seems to shock people). So I'll admit, not the most creative name ever, but see above paragraph about how hard its getting to name these things. I'm also an RN student and am currently working nights in a local hospital as an LPN, which means the stress level is about thru the roof over here. I have become famous in my classes for always having at least one sock in progress with me and I'm participating in Summer of Socks this year. Personally I see this as the perfect reason to buy loads of new sock yarn and needles, so I can use them up this summer. We won't discuss how counterproductive it is to try to use up yarn while buying more all the time, makes me feel bad.
Anyway, fingers crossed this blog makes it longer than the 2 posts i did on the second. Here's hoping...

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