Friday, February 20, 2009

Bon Voyage

Tomorrow is the day, we leave for our very first cruise together (and his first time out of the US). I have packed more yarn than I think I will need and have been browsing the free patterns on Ravelry for patterns. Is it pitiful that I have chosen all baby patterns to bring with me (except for socks) considering that I have no children yet? But I have 2 little girlys to spoil with knitwear that aren't mine and I consider it an honour to make them cute little outfits and accessories. And one lives up north where knitwear is more nessecary than cute like here in FL. Hopefully I will be able to relax on board with my ipod, books and knitting and just enjoy myself. Here goes nothing!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Is finally mine! I have finished the February Lady Sweater last night, with an entire 2 days to spare. I am so happy to have it finished (and it fits) that I can hardly stand it. This is my very first adult sweater, and I was so nervous about it. Especially sewing on the buttons, which I have no experience with except for on Sarah's sweater, and she's a baby and doesn't care. But I had to search for the perfect buttons and I wanted them to be sewn on right. Not too sure I did a good job, but I'm bringing extra yarn to sew them on again just in case. My mom can help me, she's the sewing queen.
Speaking of Sarah's sweater, here is a full body shot of little miss in her sweater, its got some room to grow in there (by accident) and because of this room to grow I'm thinking of making one for a good friend of mine who has a petite little girl that it might fit. I really need to find the book that has the various sizing options. Sorry if the picture is blurry, I was trying to get a smile inbetween her screaming and might have moved the camera in the process (its so much easier with a tripod and remote, must consider getting one). Also please forgive the pajama pants in the picture, I figured if I had to babysit then I was going to be comfy damn it. Especially if it was going to be at my own place.

Also pictured with Sarah (by accident actually) is one of the blankets I made for her. As you can see it has the opposite problem of the sweater and is quickly becoming too small. This is happening to both of the blankets I've made her, and thankfully can be remedied. So both are going to come on the cruise with me and I will knit on them while lounging around the boat tanning and relaxing. Thank goodness I have extra of the exact same dye lot, and think I might be able to get even more if I need it. And I may have started another pair of socks, and am contemplating starting another Feb lady with the extra yarn I have left over from mine, I have 2 whole skeins left and half of a third.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The More Nervous I Get...

The more I knit on my sweater. Which is good and bad, my hands are starting to hurt but I think I'm going to make my deadline for the cruise though.
Here it is, ever expanding, keeping my hands busy and my mind occupied. I even have buttons picked out for it now.

I'm reluctant to admit to how long it took me to pick these out, and I'm pretty sure Brian found them, or at least the area they were in.

And here's a preview shot of what they'll look like when they're sewn on (which they're not yet). I'm excited to finish, but seriously hope it fits. I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't, I've tried it on while its still on the needle, but its so bunched up at the bottom that its hard to spread out and see how it will really fit. I really should put it on a strand of waste yarn and try it on properly, but its such a pain to get back on the needles that I'm hesitant to do it. Maybe I'll work a few more rows of lace and then do it, make sure it's getting closer in length and fits ok. Granted, I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't, sit in a corner and sob I suppose.
My interview is tomorrow, fingers crossed it goes well, I would really like a job with this hospital and I would love the opportunity to learn something new. Oh well, back to knitting madly to keep me busy until tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Beginnings

Yesterday I graduated from nursing school with my Associates Degree in Nursing. It has been what feels like a long journey, even though the whole process has taken about 4 years...which is average. I have met extraordinary people and have made 2 wonderful best friends who had better keep in touch.
Here we are in cap and gown, 3 out of 4 from the 2008 LPN class graduating together. Its been a lesson in friendship for me, who has never really had girlfriends outside of elementary school. And I am honored to know these 2.

It was a day of mixed emotions. I was given the award for compassion (which shocked the hell out of me, we weren't told in advance) and had to get up on stage twice. I was just happy I didn't fall on my face, my heels were sooo high. Later while taking pictures with the diploma and award my future FIL noticed that they had misspelled my name on the award. It was to Ashley Crew...sigh. Oh well, they should be able to print me up another one.

On the knitting front I have pictures of the Baby Suprise Jacket before I sewed it up and gave it away

Here it is before, looking like some bizarre knitters version of a sea creature. I knew it would look funky, but was skeptical just the same that this would turn into a sweater.

Yet when I folded it like the diagram indicated, voila! It transformed from odd shaped thingy to totally sweet baby jacket. I was totally impressed and have had to restrain myself from knitting 30 of the things for everyone I know with babies. Makes me want to get the book with all of the sizing options.

And here is February Lady, finally made it through what felt like the endless garter stitch part onto the fun lace part. While doing the final increases across the back and seperating out the sleeves I had an interesting knit experience. I don't know what happened, but I'm going to document it here, maybe someone else will know.
I was instructed to increase x across the whole work (basically), I was to end up with 349 stitches...with me so far? I increased the prescribed number, carefully triple counting to make sure I had done enough. When I counted I had 350 stitches. Easy enough to fix later, just decrease one somewhere and we'll be good. I went on to put the stitches for the sleeves on hold as instructed and was doing fine, they were where they're supposed to be, but when counting stitches after the second sleeve I noticed that I was going to be short. Keep in mind, I started with one extra stitch, now I only have 37 left for the front, and theres supposed to be 40 something.... So now I'm having to increase the stitches that I thought I would have too many of. Did the stitch fairy come and take some away? I am perplexed, but the lace pattern is working out well so I'm not complaining, just confused.
Now I just have to hope that I can finish this beast by next Saturday, we leave for a cruise and I want to be wearing this the first day on board. Fingers crossed, is 6 days enough?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Lady

Ok, I've been trying to resist the charms of this sweater, but the pull is just too strong. I was using the rationalization that I didn't have the yarn for it, but a gift card to Michaels totally killed that excuse. So here we are, at attempt number 1.
Looks ok right? It Lies! It is a full stitch per inch short of getting gauge, no matter how loose I try to knit. This must be the knitter denial I've heard so much about. Because I actually want this to fit, I knit swatches, measured carefully and was dismayed. Yet I cast on anyway and allowed myself to knit this far before finally accepting that it was going to be too small. I know its an easy fix, just go get a larger needle and start again. But the start again part just kind of stung, so I kept on knitting, the gauge monster looming over my head cackling with glee.
So I finally accepted the truth and this hit the frog pond at alarming speed, a few tears may have been shed since this bit represents half a day of knitting. Now that I've cast on I'm afraid that it will still be too small despite getting gauge. My chest measures 45" and the size I've cast on is the 44" size. But the next size up is 49.5" and I don't want it to be that big. 5.5 " is a lot extra, so I'm afraid. It'll work itself out though, I am waiting for the knitting goddess to smack me upside the head for continuing to knit. Remind me of this later when I have to frog because I took a risk and its way too small.

Friday, February 6, 2009


With something anyway, even if it isn't the shawl I want to finish before the cruise, or the baby sweater I started a few days ago, or the socks I have to have finished before this Sunday for my future MIL's birthday. Yesterday was my last official day of nursing school. Some of my classmates have clinical hours to complete yet, but I am free and clear. Just have to go in for my final evaluation with my clinical instructor and go to graduation next Friday! Next on the agenda would be getting a new job. There is a local hospital that I am really interested in, I'm going to try and talk to their head of personnel today to see what we can work out. Needless to say I'm nervous. I am extremely shy (about some things, stop that laughing mom) and am terrified to go talk to this woman. But since the job I want isn't posted on their site, its not a choice really. Its the same hospital that I've had amazing experiences at this past 5 weeks as a student. So I am really excited to get the opportunity to work there for real. Anyway...time to get dressed for success!
ETA: Sarah's mommy sent me a picture of her modeling her new sweater. Doesn't she look adorable?