Thursday, February 19, 2009


Is finally mine! I have finished the February Lady Sweater last night, with an entire 2 days to spare. I am so happy to have it finished (and it fits) that I can hardly stand it. This is my very first adult sweater, and I was so nervous about it. Especially sewing on the buttons, which I have no experience with except for on Sarah's sweater, and she's a baby and doesn't care. But I had to search for the perfect buttons and I wanted them to be sewn on right. Not too sure I did a good job, but I'm bringing extra yarn to sew them on again just in case. My mom can help me, she's the sewing queen.
Speaking of Sarah's sweater, here is a full body shot of little miss in her sweater, its got some room to grow in there (by accident) and because of this room to grow I'm thinking of making one for a good friend of mine who has a petite little girl that it might fit. I really need to find the book that has the various sizing options. Sorry if the picture is blurry, I was trying to get a smile inbetween her screaming and might have moved the camera in the process (its so much easier with a tripod and remote, must consider getting one). Also please forgive the pajama pants in the picture, I figured if I had to babysit then I was going to be comfy damn it. Especially if it was going to be at my own place.

Also pictured with Sarah (by accident actually) is one of the blankets I made for her. As you can see it has the opposite problem of the sweater and is quickly becoming too small. This is happening to both of the blankets I've made her, and thankfully can be remedied. So both are going to come on the cruise with me and I will knit on them while lounging around the boat tanning and relaxing. Thank goodness I have extra of the exact same dye lot, and think I might be able to get even more if I need it. And I may have started another pair of socks, and am contemplating starting another Feb lady with the extra yarn I have left over from mine, I have 2 whole skeins left and half of a third.

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