Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Lady

Ok, I've been trying to resist the charms of this sweater, but the pull is just too strong. I was using the rationalization that I didn't have the yarn for it, but a gift card to Michaels totally killed that excuse. So here we are, at attempt number 1.
Looks ok right? It Lies! It is a full stitch per inch short of getting gauge, no matter how loose I try to knit. This must be the knitter denial I've heard so much about. Because I actually want this to fit, I knit swatches, measured carefully and was dismayed. Yet I cast on anyway and allowed myself to knit this far before finally accepting that it was going to be too small. I know its an easy fix, just go get a larger needle and start again. But the start again part just kind of stung, so I kept on knitting, the gauge monster looming over my head cackling with glee.
So I finally accepted the truth and this hit the frog pond at alarming speed, a few tears may have been shed since this bit represents half a day of knitting. Now that I've cast on I'm afraid that it will still be too small despite getting gauge. My chest measures 45" and the size I've cast on is the 44" size. But the next size up is 49.5" and I don't want it to be that big. 5.5 " is a lot extra, so I'm afraid. It'll work itself out though, I am waiting for the knitting goddess to smack me upside the head for continuing to knit. Remind me of this later when I have to frog because I took a risk and its way too small.

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