Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Omg, its been so hectic around here that I actually forgot about the blog (that nobody really reads, so does it matter, but I digress). Which means that the blog didn't hear about what really awesome present I got for Christmas.
And there it is, I got a future husband for Christmas! My mom gave us her ring, and I planned to use her setting, but the jeweler told us that it was worn a little thin to be enlarging. So we just said forget it and got it reset. Took a little while to get used to having a ring on that finger, but now it's right at home.
Mom liked her Christmas shawl. I took a picture of her wearing it, but the picture is so horrendus that she would Kill me for posting it here. I took a better one with her camera, but she hasn't sent it to me yet (mom, if you're out there, hint hint). I also used her as guinea pig and made the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs in shades of pink for her enjoyment. But there was a slight problem in the felting process. They felted beautifully....they just kind of fell apart while doing it. Note to self; sew them up really, really well next time. But they were fun to knit and I hope she wears them at least occasionally. I have a feeling people will be getting lots of them for various celebrations next year.
School is racing along, who would have thought last Feb that I would say that? Now we only have 2 + weeks to go and I have 110 hours and 20 minutes of the 144 clinical hours that the state requires! Gonna be down to the wire, but it's gonna happen. My preceptor is amazing, she's been a nurse forever, but doesn't believe in taking shortcuts that aren't safe. She actually reminds me of my mom as a nurse, I hope to be as good as they are someday.
Oh well, back to HH (homework hell).