Saturday, September 13, 2008

For My Own Good

Maybe things that are lost should just stay that way sometimes. I am speaking of couse of my mystery shawl that I unearthed several days ago. I've been knitting merrily away on it, only to reach a point in the chart last night where I realized it wasn't going to add up. Somehow I am two stitches short on a portion of the chart that I am positive I am on. I did consider the possibility that perhaps I had jumped a row unintentionally, but unfortunatly I don't think it is so. And I went over and over the row in question before I tinked it back (which was about as fun as a root canal with no anesthesia due to tons of double decreases) and could not find a counting error on my part. So I followed the chart as it was written, either I can't count and read a chart at the same time, I am a row ahead of where I'm supposed to be, or there is an error and I didn't know about it. But nobody else seems to be having this issue so I'm thinking its just me.
So I'm punishing the lace with a crocheted baby blankie I started years and years ago. It is also pink (though more of a rose than a bright pink) and lacy. It would be more lacy but when I started it I had no concept of gauge and how important it is, and it was way too done before I finally saw the light. Not worth ripping it out just to get more drape, it'll be fine the way it is. And it only needs a border! Maybe my cousin will like it for her little girl. We'll see, either way it'll be cute and finished and maybe then the lace will behave.

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