Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby on The Brain

Let me start with announcing that I am Not pregnant! The projects mentioned in today's post are for a good friend of mine who is expecting a little girl sometime this fall.
This is the bib from Mason-Dixon Knitting, made with Peaches & Creme on size 6 needles. It still needs a button, but its so adorable it hurts. Its actually brighter in person, but since the computer doesn't want to read the memory card properly I had to make due with a phone picture. Sorry, I'll try to be a better blogger next time.

This is the yarn for the aforementioned baby's blanket. I was glad I asked her mommy what colors she liked, because she said brown and pink...and I was going to do a wild multi colored blanket similar to Noah's. I'm still doing a blanket from the Mason-Dixon team book, but I'm using Courthouse Steps instead of a traditional Log Cabin. I'm not doing the pattern exactly as written though, I'm kind of making it my way. It's turning out cute though, I'll get a picture of it in progress as soon as i finish an entire round. It's a weird thing, I hate taking pictures of these blankets if the round isn't complete. Something about it bothers me, I don't know why.
Fay totally missed us, a whole lot of worry about nothing. It didn't even rain on Tuesday! We are feeling her a bit now, it's been windy and stormy for the last few days, but nowhere near what they were predicting for our area. The barometric pressure changes have made for a few interesting evenings at work though :-p

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