Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to Hell

That was my first thought last night as my cat decided to meow every second she wasn't touching my person. She played a fun game all night too, here's how to play (for all the cats out there that want to mess with their owners.

1) Meow when not in presence of human pet
2) Jump onto bed
3) Walk in circles for a few minutes
4) Decide that under the covers is where you really want to be
5) Nudge human pets head until she lifts covers
6) Crawl underneath and fall over
7) Decide 5 minutes later that its too warm under the covers
8) Crawl out
9) Roam apartment
Repeat steps 1-9 until human pet is driven so totally insane by this pattern that she decides to cave and sleep on the living room floor. By the way, my living room is quite a bit cooler than the bedroom for some reason, so not only was i on the floor, but i froze. Was the vacation worth all of this?

View is from the top of this lighthouse:
On different days obviously. This is the lighthouse on South Manitou Island in Northern Michigan. My dad is the maintenance supervisor of the island, so we got to go to the top before the tour. And get pictures like this one:

See us up there? We're the specs in the somewhat middle of the lighthouse. Cool eh?

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