Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have wonderful news here, the arrival of Sarah Elizabeth. She decided that today was a great day for a birthday and all 6lb6ozs of her arrived at 7:06 pm. Approximately 10 minutes after her second log cabin blanket was finished (sorry Dina). I kid you not, this kid knew what she wanted, even though this blanket was supposed to be for another kiddo...but Sarah wanted it so bad that I thought it only fair to give it to her. After all, she waited for it to be finished before she would arrive. Guess the Yarn Harlot was right, babies don't arrive until their knitting is finished.

Here she is looking so cute it hurts, wrapped up in her newest blankie (we may have cheated and wrapped over the hospital blankets, but oh well). I thought her mommy was going to throttle me when i told her that she probably could've had the baby earlier if i had only finished the blanket...but I thought the baby/knitting theory only worked if the knitting was for the baby in question. If anything I was trying to make her jealous that I was knitting for another baby. Didn't work. But she's here now and we're all thrilled, and mommy and daddy are exhausted.
Here I am holding little miss, she fell asleep on me for the picture. Babies seem to find me boring on a cellular level, they always crash when i'm holding them. My own children in the future won't have the decency to do it, I can feel it. It's Murphey's Law, every child but my own fall asleep the minute i pick them up...Oh well. Anyway, off to bed!

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