Friday, November 7, 2008

9 whole days

I have 9 whole days without the bf in the house, I don't know what I'm going to do with my new found freedom, but I bet that knitting will occupy plenty of my time. The beaded MS is crawling along, we had a quick little visit to the frog pond, and I'm trying new beads that like to jump out of the container. But I'm almost to where I was before I ripped the thing apart, pictures to come. I'm also trying to puzzle out the best way to do felted Christmas stockings for us to use. Since neither of us has stockings of our own that coordinate. I have a beautiful cross stitched one that my grandma made me, but I want to keep that with my mom and dad for a while. His will still be needed at his parents house too, so either we buy some, or I make them. And I would much rather have cute, handmade Christmas stockings than something 200,000 other people can pick up at a store.

Anyway, we went to Universals Island of Adventure and had a blast! It was so different from Disney that I think we were in culture shock. Maybe we'll have to get season passes for this park next year, the question is with Disney, or instead of?
Here we are with Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat. I'm not normally a Thing 1 or Thing 2 fan, but they were so cute in person that I couldn't resist getting a picture with them.
All in all it was a pretty fun day, even if it did rain for a few minutes that evening. We were originally going to go for another day, but rain possibility was ridiculously high and sure enough it started pouring early and didn't stop. Good thing we decided to go shopping instead...

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