Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whats the password?

I haven't posted to the blog in so long because I forgot my password...seriously. I've been doing some cool stuff that I've wanted to post but I couldn't remember my stupid password. So I had it sent to my email account associated with it...but I haven't checked it in so long that they disabled it and took my password with it. Lucky me, today I decided to just sign in with random passwords that I've used in the past and thankfully one of them worked.
So back to the regularly (un)scheduled programming. I've decided to learn how to spin, very badly, and practice doesn't seem to be helping a lot right now. The purple dress is at the area for the steeks but the directions for the decreases have me totally I started an afghan.
The Moderne Log Cabin by Mason Dixon Knitting, it was going beautifully...until it got hot. Stupid kind of hot, the kind where despite having air conditioning the thought of making a large wool afghan was just insane to even think about (I'm talking serious heat here, it was too hot to go to Disney).
Then came a small(ish) parade of ufo's that I'm not sure I'm willing to admit to. Mostly because I don't remember most of what I've started anymore. I know there was a fuzzy yellow sock that doesn't yet have a mate (Christmas) and about 6 hanging dishtowels from Mason Dixon Knitting the 2nd book. Mom's February Lady came back out of storage just a couple of days ago and already has most of a sleeve. And I may have had a small falling down in JoAnn fabrics the other day and may have bought enough wool to make a sweater for one of my favorite (and teeny) aunts on my dads side.
The wedding continues to come along, though planning it may drive me to drink. Thank goodness for the ravelry thread with it's excellent suggestions and tips, as well as stories of others to let me know that it's not just me. We now have invitations to hopefully mail out soon and a list of people to mail them to.
I'm going on a cruise in a little over a week, and Brian has a huuuge inspection (around the same time) for work. We're going to be attending the Not so Scary Halloween party at Disney with mom and dad as the Rubbles and the Flintstones, so that'll be fun
Oh, and we're buying our first house. Like we didn't have enough stress.... It's been a very interesting month or so since the last post, and lots of knitting has been initiated, just for stress relief. Unfortunatly my living room is trashed with UFO's, feels like Men in Black over here.

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