Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 Years

Today bf and I have been together for 3 whole years! Its amazing how it seems like forever, but not possibly as long as 3 years all at once.

This is the very first professional picture we had taken. I'm pretty sure this was the picture on our very first Christmas card as a couple.
And here's a picture of us from last January. I like this picture, but my strap hanging down my shoulder really, really bugs me. And it bugged me even more at the time, because the photographer really should've noticed that it was hanging and fixed it... But we won't dwell, because she is quite nice. Its funny to see how much we've changed even in 3 years. People always say how much we change while we grow from babies to children to adults...but we change a lot once we hit adulthood too.

Still waiting for my yarn from Knit Picks, which is unusual. Usually it arrives very quickly, but I'm starting to think it got caught up in mail forwarding by accident. I'm wondering if I remembered to fix the shipping address. I did get my beads for my Halloween mystery shawl, they're Gorgeous! But I'm really afraid of beading, this is my first beaded project. But I think I can find enough info online to get me thru it. Everyone always seems to be afraid at first, but find it simple once they get the hang. So fingers crossed thats the way it really is.

In the meantime, since my yarn is being pokey getting here I started an Adamas in Helen's Lace. I figure maybe mom would like it for Christmas.
Here it is being stubbornly hard to photograph. I have no clue how close I am to being finished,
I'm just kind of knitting until I feel like stopping. Anyway, back to studying.

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